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Meet the Founder

Hi there!

I am Elizabeth Awosika, the founder and creative behind Sika House, a natural skincare line with a passion for sourcing pure and non-toxic ingredients to improve skin health. For as long as I can remember I have had a strong passion for skincare, beauty, and makeup.

I remember the joy I felt when I enrolled into cosmetology school to learn the A to Z of makeup. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and went on to use my skills as a freelance makeup artist. However, as I started to pay more attention to the long list of ingredients of each makeup product, I used less of it because I became worried of the long-term effects of the toxic ingredients. I also didn't want to depend on makeup to cover up skin issues, so I began to research the best ingredients to combat different skin concerns, which led me to a healthy obsession with skincare.

"For me, beauty is synonymous with self-assurance and self-acceptance. Embracing your true self and being comfortable in your own skin is the epitome of beauty."

– Elizabeth Awosika

How it Started

Over a short period of time, my skin texture, tone and overall skin health drastically improved, which left me very ecstatic, but then it piqued my curiosity with a set of questions. What if I can get the same results with natural, non-toxic ingredients? Are there other women out there looking for the same solution that Sika House has to offer? My skincare research led me into the world of plant-based ingredients and aromatherapy.

I fell in love with the diverse range of essential and carrier oils, the earthy aromas, and vast therapeutic healing properties of each plant. I started getting creative with different recipes to address different skin concerns, like mixing lavender essential oil and rose hip carrier oil together to reduce dryness, fine lines and promote a soft, silky, and renewed appearance. I also quite enjoy using Sika House essential oils in my diffuser while I slather on Sika House oil concoctions, the ultimate self-care experience!

We believe nature is our best medicine and provides all the resources to heal our mind, body, and spirit. That is why at Sika House, we are so passionate about keeping it simple and natural through non-toxic ingredients in all of our skincare products. Sika House is simply skincare inspired by nature for natural glowing skin!

Join the Skin Confidence Journey

As we change the beauty industry through products that promote radiant, glowy skin without toxic ingredients.