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"I am excited to share a new CLEAN skincare brand that I have fallen in love with called Sika House. Sika House was created not only for the ingredient conscious consumer but for anyone who is looking for skincare products that are 100% natural, free of pesticides, and include no synthetics. Can we say Glowing Skin!

I have never used Jojoba Oil before, and I am so glad I was able to try Sika House Jojoba Carrier Oil for the first time. From the moment I opened the beautifully crafted bottle and placed a few drops on my skin, I was amazed at how lightweight, non-greasy and how easily Sika House Jojoba Carrier Oil melted into my skin. As part of my daily skin care ritual, while in the shower I add a few drops of Sika House Jojoba Carrier Oil to my shower gel and lather on generously. Within seconds my skin felt smoother, softer, hydrated, and radiant. I am so glad I found Sika House Jojoba Carrier Oil and I am never turning back.

The second product I tried from Sika House was the Eucalyptus Essential Oil and like the Jojoba Carrier Oil, it was LOVE at first sight and let us not forget about the intoxicating and calming aroma. One drop is all it takes and you are instantly transported to your definition of paradise. During the day after numerous zoom meetings, I like to dab a couple of drops on my pulse points, take a deep breath and breathe in the aroma of fresh eucalyptus. While I am in the shower, I also like to add two to three drops of Sika House Eucalyptus Essential Oil and take deep breaths to relax. If you are looking for products that help to transform your mind, body, and spirit, well look no further and fall in love with Sika House."

- Gladwin A | Jamaica, NY


"I have been on a journey to find pure and natural, plant-based skincare and aromatherapy products that promote a mental well-being as part of my self-care routine. I had the opportunity to try the Sika House line of products and I was amazed!!! 

To begin, the owner Elizabeth Awosika is so passionate and knowledgeable about skincare!! Hearing her story about how she got into the beauty industry, realizing all the toxic ingredients in our daily skin care routine, and going on a mission to create products that are not only safe and natural, but also promote mental and therapeutic well-being is truly an inspiration. And I must add her skin is absolutely flawless and a true testament to her products! I have had the pleasure of using the body scrub which smells absolutely divine and leaves my body silky smooth, the Lavender Essential Oil which promotes sleep and a healthy self-care routine, and the Rose Hip Carrier Oil. I am a big fan of essential oils and I must say Sika House Lavender Essential Oil is now my staple product. The scent is so fresh, clean, and calming, I even use it on my children as part of their bedtime routine and they absolutely love it.
Another noteworthy item is the packaging of Sika House products. You can tell that these products are made with love, care, and attention. The packaging is personalized with a handwritten note from the owner, including education about the products, the benefits (which was extremely helpful), instructions, and other recommended ways to use the products.

I cannot stress how amazed I am with the Sika House line of products and my overall experience with the company. I am looking forward to adding many more of their products to my daily skin care and therapeutic self-care routine."

- Sarah N | Clarksburg, MD


"I am so excited to let you know how much I love my Jojoba & Eucalyptus Oil Kit. It has been about eight weeks now since I started using this and it's really working for me!! I hope to put in an order for another kit very soon!! 

I actually started noticing the difference in my scalp health after about two weeks into using this product. I noticed my scalp itches less and it wasn't as dry as before.

Now, as I am into my eighth week, I have seen a significant difference!! My scalp is healthier and I can see some new hair growth appearing in the thinning areas and my edges. This product really works!!!"

- Gladys E | Manassas, VA